free prison pen pals
I would like to welcome you to and to thank you for taking the time to open your hearts to reach out to the men and women who are listed on our site. The ads on this site are absolutely free of charge. You will never be charged to use this service. You will be able to view their photos, ads, and the address to write directly to the facility in which they are incarcerated.

With just a stamp and a few kind words, your letters let these forgotten prisoners know that they are not alone. Some inmates go years without receiving something as simple as a Birthday or holiday card; things that we sometimes take for granted. Sending a letter or card may seem small to you, but to these inmates it will be the highlight of their week. Receiving a letter is like a treasure and often times they will read the same letter over and over again. Many prisoners never get any type of correspondence from the "outside". Sometimes they are in segregation for up to 23 hours a day.

By writing to an inmate you will restore their hope and vitality. You cannot begin to imagine the joy that an inmate will feel receiving correspondence when normally they are skipped over during mail call. The anticipation and the excitement are indescribable. Your correspondence can really make a difference to someone who is lonely and often times forgotten and disconnected from their friends, loved ones and family members. Being in prison can be a real challenge and mail is one of the most appreciated items in a prisoner's life. It is simply a special gift to someone who feels disconnected from the world.

Companionship is important to every human being no matter what they have done in the past. These inmates are in need of pen pals, mentors, positive influences, and kind words of encouragement.

Writing an inmate is a gift that will be TRULY appreciated.